DHgate.com Review: Everything You Need to Know

DHgate.com is a business-to-business e-Commerce website connecting China-based small / medium enterprises with buyers globally.


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DHGateDHgate.com, as you may know already, is a top online marketplace that bridges the gap between Chinese wholesalers and international customers. The company was founded in 2004, and has since been thriving in its form of business. Directly from the website, customers can place orders for the items displayed and pay for them either by credit card, online wallets such as Qiwi Wallet, debit cards or the Western Union among others. The number of products available through the DHgate.com website is a staggering 30 million, making it the leading eCommerce platform currently. The company was even ranked the top eCommerce platform in Chinese eCommerce Cultural Festivals recently.

DHgate.com Features

The DHgate.com website loads fast. Right on the homepage, you will find all the popular categories of products arranged according to their popularity, starting with the electronics, cell phones & accessories, and so on. This lets you find the products you are looking for without wasting a lot of time. Additionally, when you hover above the category menu items, for example over the ‘electronics’, another menu with more specific electronic categories pops up allowing for even a more specific selection. You also have the option to search for the products by name. The search functionality allows you to search all categories, or narrow down your search to a specific category, say, apparels or Automobiles and Motorcycles.

About Our Services

For every order you place and pay for, the company guarantees a secure payment process. One smart thing the website offers its customers is the buyer protection. After buying a product, you will wait for it to be delivered by your carrier of choice, and GHgate will not release the money you paid to the seller until you have confirmed a receipt of the product as described. This makes the platform only suitable for serious wholesalers, therefore, leads to less fraud and high-quality services. In particular, this describes why the website is so popular these days.

Delivery and Customer Support

DHgate.com customers can track the shipping process. Initially, when you buy from the website, you are allowed to choose your preferred shipping option. You can choose from as many as 15 shipping services, according to your budget and also your trusted carrier service. However, this varies from country to country, and you should check the ‘shipping options’ page on the website.

In case an item is not delivered within the time mentioned, DHgate will refund the buyer the money they paid for the product. Some cases that involve products not being according to the description are rare, but in case it happens, the buyer is also entitled to a refund as mentioned before.

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