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Cryptocurrency is a virtual currency (Also goes by the name digital currency) that uses cryptography for safety. Cryptocurrency is complicated to forge since cryptocurrency has a security quality. A feature perhaps the most appealing allure, cryptocurrency is not issued by any central authority hence immune to any interference by the government. They are also resistant to hacking the anonymous nature of transaction makes them suitable for some tricks like tax avoidance or money laundering.

The first cryptocurrency in the public imagination was bitcoin and was launched in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. Cryptocurrencies make it easier to transfer fund between two parties, facilitated through public and private keys. And assisted by blockchain The blockchain is an algorithm which spread of data arrangement are kept for managing electronic cash by this there will be no central administrator in the middle of people, or other terms is a digitized, decentralized, community ledger that maintains all cryptocurrency transactions. The transaction is arranged chronologically that participants keep track of digital currency without the need to hire a person to keep the records for them.

A block is a part of blockchain which records all transactions once the transaction is completed that block goes to a permanent database and saved and a new one is generated. They were designed in a manner that they cannot be deleted. And they are added through cryptography ensuring that they are meddling proof. In blockchain, a block works like an individual bank statement. Since is a distributed database system The blockchain is an attractive idea since it eliminates all middlemen hence the market is not disrupted and as well cut the cost of middlemen bringing to high saving.

Ethereum is software which is decentralized to enable smart contact as well as well distribution of application this will help to eliminate any interference from another party also will eliminate fraud. Bitcoin on the other end is a digital currency, and they are not physical. And they are also sane as litecoins but launched in 10 years different time.

Coinbase: These are brokers that provide a way or a platform to see or buy bitcoin. With fiat money with a major action as a
broker, they also offer an exchange of bitcoin as well as wallet provider. A wallet is virtual stores where payment and card information are stored. This wallet makes it convenient for sale and purchase of the virtual money. Coinbase was formed in 2012 by B. Armstrong together with F. Ehrsam. They are located in the state of California. Any trade of Cryptocurrencies need to have the person buying as well the person willing to sell, and both of them need to be registered with a certain broker for the transaction to go through.

Binance: This is an exchange of Cryptocurrencies that’s acquiring momentum. As opposed to other Cryptocurrencies, Binance is known for the fast processing transaction and can process over 1 million orders per second and has low trading fees. Binance has the following features:

  • Stability and safety: the use of multi-cluster and multi-tier make it safe and stable
  • If support many devices like androids, web browsers, wechats, HTML5 and other platforms
  • The rate of performance is very high this means the speed of transitions per seconds
  • It supports lots of languages and many more features. This cryptocurrency exchanged deals with bitcoin and based in London, founded in 2013. When the company was enacted it dealt with cloud mining services. But it changed from offering mining services to the exchange of Cryptocurrencies. They allow the buyers to use their credit cards to purchase bitcoin, the reason they are unique from the other Cryptocurrencies exchangers. has faced criticism over their fees structure since there are lots of hidden charges which are not explained. It’s a popular exchange with little controversial leading to poor rating.

Inda Coin: It is based in the UK. They have an impressive website which is a modern one with zero fees if you execute a limit order. Attention from the world is for the Indacoin since of it a global platform with more than 200 countries. Indacoin sings your praises as submission speedy and expedient service. The problem is that their platform does not require registration but their service is fast, and they update their mobile application on a standard basis. They also do not have to attract portfolio and deals with bitcoin only

Coinspot: This is a cryptocurrency wallet / market position that permits you to buy and sell as well store Cryptocurrencies against other Cryptocurrencies. This currency wallets have lately bang with the reputation of cryptocurrency. Coinspot is based in Australia and give a variety of choosing blockchain assets. It was formed in 2013.

In conclusion, all the mention above exchange help the buyers and sellers of the Cryptocurrencies to virtually buy of selling their securities and store them in the wallets created by each of the companies. All transactions are protected and secured in a way that no one can be able to hack or illegally access them once the operation is close making them a secure and safe way of storing them.

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